Ava so far has been a very lucky girl and we are thankful for the generosity of the many in giving their time, effort and money to help her.

She now has the 30,000 Euros she needs to undertake stem cell therapy and this is “ring fenced” in account set aside for her future use and overseen by her two independent Trustee’s.

We will however continue to raise funds for Ava as her disabilities are with her for life and she will need a vast array of equipment, therapy and help as she moves forward.

Already she has benefited massively from the specialized electric wheelchair and a wheelchair accessible vehicle. These have opened up a whole new world to her and for us as a family.

However things that we take for granted such as using the bathroom independently, reading, communication, external recreation are all things which are a massive challenge for Ava. So, as she gets older, we hope to address these one at a time and give her the best opportunities we can.

So the fundraising goes on, and we will continue to find positive and innovative ways to help Ava and also to ensure she receives the best care.....after everything that has been taken from her she deserves this.